Posted on July 30th, 2013

Sameerah joins the cast of the new Sci-Fi Feature Film, "Advantageous"!

Principal Photography Begins July 2013.  

Directed By:  Jennifer Phang
Director of Photography: Richard Wong
Produced By:  Moon Molson, Robert M. Chang, and Theresa Navarro 

Cast:  Jacqueline Kim, Ken Jeong, James Urbaniak, Jennifer Ehle, Freya Adams, Samantha Kim, Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris, Theresa Navarro, and Olivia Horton

Year 2041.  For women, life is a struggle like never before.  Gwen, a spokeswoman for a cutting-edge biotech firm, considers a dangerous, breakthrough technology that is the only hope for a better life for her daughter. The story takes place at a tipping point in artificial intelligence and neuroscience and speculates on the impact of a singularity on the future of the lives of women and girls.

Watch the award-winning short that we’re expanding into a feature this summer!

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